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Lets Talk about the "Summer Slide"

It’s summer, a time for vacations, travel, family fun and outdoor activity. We want to enjoy some of those special summer activities with family and friends. 

But summer can also bring a thriving business to a sliding slow-down. Some of us know how that happens. We have the BEST intentions for keeping our business growing through the summer months. Then as each summer week goes by more and more “stuff” tends to pull us away from our focus.

But you can have a successful summer in your business and still have a great summer with your loved ones if you remember a few key tips:

Think about changing your schedule. Choose how many days you want to dedicate to working on your business. Keep in mind all the extra summer activities that happen when choosing your days. You may want to reduce your work time when kids are home or change times that you work.

Keep to a routine on the days you DO choose to work, whether that’s just one day a week or five. Keeping a...


The Five B's For Elevating Your Mindset

Your success or failure begins and ends with YOU.  Wow!  Think about that for a minute. What you think and what you believe determines your sucess or failure. That’s why it is so important to create and maintain a proper mindset.  It’s a daily action that can develop into a habit that sustains a positive mindset throughout your life.

If you struggle at times with looking at the glass half “empty” that’s ok. (Believe me, I've been there!) But, with a few simple steps each day you can train your mind to be more positive in every situation.  I want to share five “B”s that you can practice and even expand on to train your mind to think at the highest level. (check out the guide link below)

When I see the word “be” I always transpose that to the word “act”. So if you will take action on these five B’s each day, you will find yourself doing them without even thinking. You’ll start to...


Six De-clutter Tips for Your Environment and Your Mind

We'd all like our home office space to be a model of efficiency, but for many it's a magnet that attracts every piece of paper that comes into the home and clutters up not only the room, but also the mind. 
I sometimes find myself letting my paper clutter build up over time because there are so many more activities pulling me aside. I go for the "quick fix" by just throwing things at my desk or any flat surface for that matter. I put things on a post-it note or a pile thinking I will get right back to it, but then I don't. 
So I thought I'd share some quick tips that I've used to prevent the paper build up, help keep my office space a place where I can focus on my creative work, and not feel like I'm buried in post-it notes! These tips may help you too:
Keep horizontal surfaces clear - Keep your office uncluttered by ensuring that any desk surface, countertop or table is clear of paperwork. If you don't start piles, they can't...

Heres a Pep Talk for the Olympian Within You

If you're watching the Olympics you are probably feeling inspired this week. The potential these athletes have discovered in themselves is amazing right? 
But I want you to look at someone else...someone who has great potential that is still undiscovered. THAT SOMEONE IS YOU! 
Too many times we focus on what we need to work on...our weaknesses. How much better is it to focus on the potential you already have and work at discovering even more within yourself.
One of my mantra's that I use with my vision board is "Set No Limits". So now I'm saying to you, "Set No Limits" for yourself. Discover your potential. Realize that you have more potential than you know and create the mindset that you will always be working to discover more. YOU can accomplish anything. 
Many years ago I learned this lesson from my 8 year old daughter. She told me she wanted to run for class Historian. The election was the next day and this is the...

Why I Used to Suck at Promoting Myself and 3 Things I Did to Change

Do you ever hold back from telling people what you do and how you help others because it feels like you’re bragging? If you grew up like me you may have been taught:

Don’t be “braggart”

Don’t monopolize the conversation with what you know

Be considerate of what others have to say

And those are all good things to learn and to keep in mind. But as I looked back on building my business I had an epiphany. I realized I passed up many great opportunities to promote myself to the people I got to meet, teach, and work beside. I held back because somehow in my head I felt like I was “bragging”.  

Have you ever felt this same way? I have met so many who do! But with this epiphany I realized that we all have unique strengths and knowledge and gifts we need to share with those we come in contact with. We can lift others and impact their lives!

Looking back here are 3 actions I took to think differently about promoting myself:

  1. I had to...

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