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How Much Can You Get Done Before a Deadline?

Have you ever noticed how much you get done in the days or even hours before you leave for a trip? I'm leaving for a trip to Egypt and had several items on my To-Do list I needed to have done before I left. As the time grew closer to departure I kicked into gear and got it all done in time to pack and be ready a day early!  Now why couldn’t I do that on a regular basis?

I’ve noticed this when I’ve had unexpected company for dinner as well. A family member or old friend calls me unexpectedly at 3pm and is in town for the evening and wants to come over.   I can clean the house, tidy up the deck, have the table set and the food ready by 6pm.  There are times in my normal week, when nothing is urgent, and I can’t even get my dinner ready on time!

So I’ve asked myself, what is this phenomenon and why can’t I keep this up all the time?

As I look back now I see a pattern I have unconsciously fallen into of getting more...


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