Overcome fear and step into your courage!

courage fear Jul 22, 2022

Most fears are irrational. You’ve heard it before “False Evidence Appearing Real”

We can’t be victim to our fears. Each time we step into our fears and overcome them we replace the fear with courage.

Courage is stepping forward and taking action in the face of fear.  

Here are 5 steps to overcome fear that is not real.

  1. Identify the source of the fear – is it real? Or is it imaginary? For instance, a bear running after you is a real fear. Thinking you will get rejected when offering a presentation is not. If it’s real you run/ if it’s not you face it.
  2. Change the way you think about the fear. Understand it’s not real, it’s only a feeling you can move through, that you can control. As long as it’s a feeling then you can control it. When you take action and move through it the fear dissolves and the feeling of courage replaces it.
  3. Don’t be tied to the outcome of a situation where you are feeling fear of rejection or failure. The outcome doesn’t determine who you are or your value. You have to get out there and try, no matter what happens. Then learn from it, make changes and move on. Don’t let the fear stop you from trying.
  4. Take action in the face of fear. You have to move through it – get up on stage, present your product, teach a class, give your speech. Because every time you face the fear and do it anyway you build courage.
  5. Celebrate your milestones. Every time you take action in the face of fear, celebrate your victory. Then recognize the courage you feel. Each of your victories gets you closer to a more courageous YOU. Then you move on to try bigger things!

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