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Heres a Pep Talk for the Olympian Within You

If you're watching the Olympics you are probably feeling inspired this week. The potential these athletes have discovered in themselves is amazing right? 
But I want you to look at someone else...someone who has great potential that is still undiscovered. THAT SOMEONE IS YOU! 
Too many times we focus on what we need to work on...our weaknesses. How much better is it to focus on the potential you already have and work at discovering even more within yourself.
One of my mantra's that I use with my vision board is "Set No Limits". So now I'm saying to you, "Set No Limits" for yourself. Discover your potential. Realize that you have more potential than you know and create the mindset that you will always be working to discover more. YOU can accomplish anything. 
Many years ago I learned this lesson from my 8 year old daughter. She told me she wanted to run for class Historian. The election was the next day and this is the...

4 Ways to Easily Expand Your Comfort Zone and Gain Confidence

When my children were younger, I was like the mother eagle always nudging them out of their nest…or in other words, their comfort zone. 
I now do this same thing with my coaching clients.  I encouraged them, even pushing them at times to do things that feel like a risk or challenge to them.  I know that as they try things that are hard or uncomfortable, soon those things will become easy.

Hard things, done over and over again, become easy.  And as they become easy, then the confidence to do harder things grows.

So we all want to expand our comfort zones right?  We all want the ability to act and reach out to people and opportunities when they come our way.  But sometimes we just don’t have the confidence to do that. 

Know you have the power to do hard things.  You are capable of far more than you give yourself credit for.  The more you risk and step out of your comfort zone, the more you will see yourself capable...


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