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Three Strategies for Overcoming Self-limiting Beliefs

Self-limiting beliefs are a real drag!  At times I know many people are frustrated because they feel they have so much doubt in themselves and in their belief in what they can achieve.
The worse beliefs you can have are self-limiting beliefs. These exist when you believe yourself to be limited in any way. We are where we are today because of all the beliefs we have had up until today. I'm not talking about the fleeting thoughts that come into our mind and then are gone the next day. I'm talking about the beliefs we dwell on, and compare ourselves to others with. 
But you can change those!
You may think that others are smarter, funnier or superior to you in some way. Or you may have fallen into selling yourself short or settling for less than you are truly capable of. These self-limiting beliefs act like brakes on your potential...they hold you back. 
They generate the two worst enemies of...

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