Heres a Pep Talk for the Olympian Within You

confidence mindset Feb 10, 2022
If you're watching the Olympics you are probably feeling inspired this week. The potential these athletes have discovered in themselves is amazing right? 
But I want you to look at someone else...someone who has great potential that is still undiscovered. THAT SOMEONE IS YOU! 
Too many times we focus on what we need to work on...our weaknesses. How much better is it to focus on the potential you already have and work at discovering even more within yourself.
One of my mantra's that I use with my vision board is "Set No Limits". So now I'm saying to you, "Set No Limits" for yourself. Discover your potential. Realize that you have more potential than you know and create the mindset that you will always be working to discover more. YOU can accomplish anything. 
Many years ago I learned this lesson from my 8 year old daughter. She told me she wanted to run for class Historian. The election was the next day and this is the first I'd heard about her wanting to run for the office. I didn't think she had a chance because there had been no preparation on her part, so I tried to explain to her why she might not win. 
She immediately gave me a sour look, turned around and ran into her room and nothing more was said until she came out later that night with her election poster she had made and a speech to give her class. I was still trying to prepare her for the disappointment she was possibly going to experience. 
(No judgement here, I was much younger and didn't understand the full power of the mind then and TOTALLY didn't realize what I was saying!)
Well, she left the next morning with poster and speech in hand, and returned that afternoon with the Historian badge on! She had won the election because she wholeheartedly believed she was the best for the job and therefore WOULD win. She had "SET NO LIMITS" on what she could accomplish. I humbly learned a great lesson from my 8 year old that day!  
We ALL have the chance to "Set No Limits" and discover the great potential that lies within ourselves. Try this for a week...find a mantra that you can post around your house or put up on your vision board if you have one. You can use the mantra I've given you here. Look at it often and repeat to yourself. This is a first action in believing in yourself and your potential to do anything. 
If you will set no limits on what you can do you will begin to uncover more of the real you inside! 

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