Lets Talk about the "Summer Slide"

energy-boost mindset Jun 16, 2022

It’s summer, a time for vacations, travel, family fun and outdoor activity. We want to enjoy some of those special summer activities with family and friends. 

But summer can also bring a thriving business to a sliding slow-down. Some of us know how that happens. We have the BEST intentions for keeping our business growing through the summer months. Then as each summer week goes by more and more “stuff” tends to pull us away from our focus.

But you can have a successful summer in your business and still have a great summer with your loved ones if you remember a few key tips:

Think about changing your schedule. Choose how many days you want to dedicate to working on your business. Keep in mind all the extra summer activities that happen when choosing your days. You may want to reduce your work time when kids are home or change times that you work.

Keep to a routine on the days you DO choose to work, whether that’s just one day a week or five. Keeping a work routine will help you feel successful and help you avoid distractions.

Don’t feel guilty when you do go play. Go out and enjoy yourself and try not to worry about work. (Ya, I get it, that’s easier said than done) I used to feel guilty that I wasn't working when I was playing with my family, and guilty that I wasn't spending time with my family when I was working!

It took me some time working on my mindset to shift those thoughts of guilt. If you want some help in this area, this would be a perfect time to check out my 7-Day Mindset Reboot Guide and give yourself that extra mindset lift.

When you do go out and play, just enjoy, rejuvenate and know that you’ll come back to work on a higher energy level.

Create rewards for your kids when they can give you a certain amount of time you set to work each day or week. Help them set goals for themselves of things they want to do. Then plan a celebration with something you know they love. A trip to the ice cream store, to the park or maybe play favorite games.

One of our bigger celebrations with our kids when they AND I accomplished a goal was to book a local hotel and stay overnight there. They got to swim and order room service and just enjoy the night out with their dad and I.

Of course, this was more of an end of the summer celebration or if they had helped with completing a larger goal. But it helped them have skin in the game and understand when I needed time to work.

There are a lot of things you can encourage your family with to help them with the schedule and time boundaries you have set up for the summer.

Make yourself a new goal, just for the summer of what you plan to accomplish. Then sit down with your family and brainstorm some goals they want to accomplish as well.  

Enjoy your summer, and remember these tips when you feel yourself going into that slide or if you’re tempted to skip out on some of what could be your most creative time.


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