Six De-clutter Tips for Your Environment and Your Mind

We'd all like our home office space to be a model of efficiency, but for many it's a magnet that attracts every piece of paper that comes into the home and clutters up not only the room, but also the mind. 
I sometimes find myself letting my paper clutter build up over time because there are so many more activities pulling me aside. I go for the "quick fix" by just throwing things at my desk or any flat surface for that matter. I put things on a post-it note or a pile thinking I will get right back to it, but then I don't. 
So I thought I'd share some quick tips that I've used to prevent the paper build up, help keep my office space a place where I can focus on my creative work, and not feel like I'm buried in post-it notes! These tips may help you too:
Keep horizontal surfaces clear - Keep your office uncluttered by ensuring that any desk surface, countertop or table is clear of paperwork. If you don't start piles, they can't grow! 
Go digital - Organize your computer files, delete old ones regularly and back up important ones. Whenever possible, use the internet to pay bills, which can REALLY reduce paper clutter.
Purge digital files regularly - Go through your digital files once or twice a year and purge the old content you no longer need. Purge your download file, get rid of duplicate or unneeded photos, and of course go through and delete any emails no longer needed. 
Minimize junk mail - Treat junk mail like the intruder it is. Get rid of it immediately. Walk past your recycle bin as you retrieve your mail and sort it so you can throw the junk mail out right then. Keep a recycle basket and a shredder close by as well. The real KEY here is to ONLY TOUCH PAPERWORK ONCE! 
Keep track of bills and receipts - Buy a 12-month expanding file, and file all bills or receipts monthly. You'll come back to each one a year later. If you haven't needed it by then, get rid of it! And again, go paperless and automate normal monthly bills. 
Maintain a good digital and paper filing system - A good system can keep anything organized. Keep the frequently used files handy. Find one that works for you. I have had to try several before I found one that I could wrap my mind around and keep consistent with. 
I guarentee that as you clear the clutter...your attitude, your mindset and your smile will raise and you will feel more freedom and creativity!
Try these tips and let me know which ones work for you and how much more time you have to enjoy these warm summer days! Or share something that has worked well for you! 
I am always open to and love to hear new de-clutter and organization ideas!

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