Why I Used to Suck at Promoting Myself and 3 Things I Did to Change

Do you ever hold back from telling people what you do and how you help others because it feels like you’re bragging? If you grew up like me you may have been taught:

Don’t be “braggart”

Don’t monopolize the conversation with what you know

Be considerate of what others have to say

And those are all good things to learn and to keep in mind. But as I looked back on building my business I had an epiphany. I realized I passed up many great opportunities to promote myself to the people I got to meet, teach, and work beside. I held back because somehow in my head I felt like I was “bragging”.  

Have you ever felt this same way? I have met so many who do! But with this epiphany I realized that we all have unique strengths and knowledge and gifts we need to share with those we come in contact with. We can lift others and impact their lives!

Looking back here are 3 actions I took to think differently about promoting myself:

  1. I had to step out of my comfort zone and not worry about what others thought. We all have something to share. And I truly believe that there are people waiting for YOU to share the message, gifts and talents you have inside of you. It’s hard, maybe even a little scary sometimes, but it’s ok to tell the world the things you know.
  2. I started sharing my message and knowledge freely. No matter how, when or where you share your message there will be people who resonate with what you say. They will want to hear more and work with you. They will hear you and they will follow and seek you out because what you share lights something in them.
  3. I got into a daily habit of improving my thoughts. I worked on my mindset daily by replacing negative thoughts and putting new beliefs into my soul. Who you are today is enough…Start today to replace negative thoughts you say to yourself and start shifting your mindset to an even more successful one. This is so important!

Take advantage of the opportunities you have to promote yourself, don’t be shy.  If you want a boost and a guided path to improving your mindset just download my free guide to a 7 Day Mindset Reboot. Just click the link below:




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