The Five B's For Elevating Your Mindset

mindset Jun 02, 2022

Your success or failure begins and ends with YOU.  Wow!  Think about that for a minute. What you think and what you believe determines your sucess or failure. That’s why it is so important to create and maintain a proper mindset.  It’s a daily action that can develop into a habit that sustains a positive mindset throughout your life.

If you struggle at times with looking at the glass half “empty” that’s ok. (Believe me, I've been there!) But, with a few simple steps each day you can train your mind to be more positive in every situation.  I want to share five “B”s that you can practice and even expand on to train your mind to think at the highest level. (check out the guide link below)

When I see the word “be” I always transpose that to the word “act”. So if you will take action on these five B’s each day, you will find yourself doing them without even thinking. You’ll start to notice yourself handling problems and situations differently in your mind.  Start from within by replacing old thoughts with these new “Be” actions.

Be Enthusiastic!  Your enthusiasm shows the commitment you have made to achieve your goals, stick to a project, create a new course, etc. Act enthusiastic and you will soon feel enthusiastic. 

Be Positive!  Feed your mind, and fuel your dream with a daily commitment to read from an up leveling book, repeat a morning mantra, state your goals to yourself, meditate or just sit quiet and think about all the things you ar grateful for.  It’s important to always feed yourself with positive input even if it seems repititious.  That’s what will continue to train your mind in the habit of thinking positive!

Be Involved!  Participate in opportunities to learn from others. Attend a variety of group meetings, get to know people, join a committee to work on various projects.  Interact with others and join a mastermind to bounce ideas off from others and learn from them too.

Be an Owner!  Take ownership of your business, your life, and your thoughts.  Always seek out ways to make them even more positive.

Be Successful!  Let your thoughts, words, and actions line up with the desires that have been put in your heart.  You are a success! Will it and IT WILL BE DONE!

As the late Steven Covey said “Begin with the end in mind”.  Take some time to think about and visualize the kind of mindset you would like to develop. Stay focused in your new mindset and become a joyful example of what happens when you beleive in yourself and what’s possible. Become the person you have always believed you were meant to be!

And if you want to elevate your mindset with even MORE INTENT, check out my FREE guide:
7-Day Mindset Reboot Guide.


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