3 Reasons Your Vision Board Didn't Work Last Year

For years, I made my vision board by looking through magazines and seeing pictures of things that I might want in the coming year, a bigger house, water ski boat, tropical vacations. I’d cut them out, paste them on my board and expect them to magically appear in my life, not giving any thought as to how I would actually achieve these things! I was like many people who found that their vision board didn’t work to “manifest” the many images they posted.

Over the years I’ve made a lot of vision boards. I’ve also researched and worked on my vision board each year and eventually learned how to make an empowering vision board that really works! One that I can manifest the goals and dreams I’ve posted on them.  I also learned why so many others didn’t see their vision boards working for them.

Used correctly, vision boards can help you experience crazy velocity in the accomplishment of your goals. Used incorrectly, they can be a frustrating reminder that something in the process of achieving your dreams isn’t working.

Let me share with you three reasons your vision board may not have worked in the past, and some simple steps you can take to make your vision board an inspiration and a tool to bring those images placed on your board into fruition. No longer just a craft project with some nice images. Oh, and I also have a free download for you -  OoRah!  So be sure and read to the end.

1st Reason your vision board didn’t work last year.  There was no emotion attached to the images, quotes, goals, and dreams you placed on your board. You randomly placed things you thought you wanted without any thought as to why you wanted them.  Without a strong emotional attachment, the desire for those goals and dreams will fade with any resistance encountered. You want to choose the things that go on your board with intention. So, when you think of them it brings up an emotion.

For example, many of us want to make more money. But just the desire to make more money doesn’t always get you through the tough times of reaching that goal. But if you will attach what you’re going to do with that money, it can create the emotion you need to stick to your goal. For example, think of the amount of money you want to make to take your loved ones on a vacation. This attaches an emotion to the money goal of creating memories on a fun vacation with family.   

2nd Reason your vision board didn’t work last year. You didn’t create the habit of encompassing your vision board into your daily routine. We are all visual people. Looking at and thinking about your vision board and the goals and dreams that are on there should be a part of your morning routine.

Kind of like coffee in the morning…it gets you going and energizes you for the day.

In order to do this, you will have to change some of your habits and daily routines. I know what you’re thinking…You don’t want to make a new “habit”, and change is uncomfortable.  Well, suck it up! Vision boards work best when seen by the subconscious mind several times a day. So, place your board in a very visual place. Somewhere you’re going to trip over it, and look at it EVERY day! The first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to bed is probably the most important!

3rd Reason your vision board didn’t work last year. You didn’t learn to use your board for visualization of the things you set out to accomplish. What we spend time focusing on and thinking about is what our minds will start seeking out in our world. All that we are is the result of what we think about all day long.  Make it a daily habit of visualizing those things you’ve placed on your board. Visualize having them in your life RIGHT NOW! You might be thinking “this is getting a little woo-woo now.” But hear me out.  Visualization works with your subconscious mind to create the belief that you can attract these things into your life. We see subconsciously with our “mind’s eye”.  The more we can embed a vision or image into our subconscious the faster we attract it into our lives.

So, there you have it, the three most common reasons your vision board didn’t work last year.  Maybe you see something that you need to tweak in your own vision board. Or maybe I’ve saved you time and frustration when you make your new vision board for the year. Either way, I want to make sure you end up with an empowering vision board that both inspires you and helps you to achieve the things you desire.

So, I have a FREE gift for you…The Ultimate Checklist to an Empowering Vision Board.

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If you run into any questions just email me at [email protected]. I’d love to help.

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