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Your "Ultimate Checklist for an Empowering Vision Board"

Use this checklist as a guide for using your vision board as a tool for achieving your goals and dreams.  This checklist will help prompt you with small actions to take each day to make your goals and dreams more achievable.

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I’m Julee Huston (with a double ee) and I’m an author, speaker, mindset coach, and Vision Board Extraordinaire.

I’m a “recovering” perfectionist (Oh boy! There’s a story there!) and I show others how to conquer the “junk” in their head and replace those negative thoughts and fears so that they can develop the confidence to take action steps towards their goals and dreams.

I spent many years held back by my perfectionism, feeling like I wasn’t good enough, procrastinating so much of what I wanted to accomplish. But when I had my ah-ha moment, and realized I could transform out of my perfectionism and procrastination, my world changed! And when you have the confidence and clarity to take intentional action on your goals and dreams you will feel that change too.   

My mission is to help you uncover the inner potential you have to be who you feel you were meant to be! Because face it – there’s stuff to do, places to go and things to accomplish!

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"Success means having the courage,

the determination, and the will

to become the person

you believe you were meant to be."

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Patricia Drain

 Working with Julee has been a valuable experience. She has taken her knowledge of mindset and vision to help others cast the vision plan for their own business and lives. Julee has helped me see and work beyond my vision board and into the completion of my goals and dreams with a 90-day vision plan. 


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Ree Rote

Julee is informative and inspiring, but most importantly she give you concrete steps for moving your business forward. She shows you how to sort through all the things calling for your attention in order to identify and prioritize those actions which will actually make you move forward towards your success.


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