Are You Focused on the Dream…or the Task?

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2021

The power of belief is so strong that whatever you put into your mind can happen. So start channeling your belief into what you want. Don’t look at the future for what you see…look at it for what you want it to be.

Early in my career, I flew on commercial flights quite often to speak in different areas of the country. I love to travel, but many times I had the problem of getting sick on the take-off and landing.  Each time I flew I started projecting in my head how the take-off and landing would be, and how nauseated I would feel.

Then during a promotion my mentors held, I won a trip on one of their private planes.  I didn’t even know if I wanted to go because this plane was a small plane with only eight seats. All I could think about is how bumpy the ride might be and how sick I might get!

But under my mentor’s encouragement (pressure actually) I finally consented to go.  To my surprise, the flight was a lot different than I thought it would be, and I didn’t get sick at all!  I found that it was amazingly fun to fly on a small plane with all my friends.  The take-off and landing were much different on a private plane than I had imagined, and I found that I loved the experience.

I realized that I had been focusing on all the wrong things…how rough the take-off and landing would be, how sick I would get, and how much I dreaded going because of my imagined outcome.

I want YOU to think about two trips you could take:

The one trip you are focused on the dream – how much fun it will be, the fun of the experience, all the friends you get to experience it with, how fun it will be to bond with those friends and the change it will make in your life.

The other trip you are focused on the detail – how much work it is to plan, how much money it will cost, how do you get yourself there, how safe will you be, what things should you take, and how do you take care of the problems that may arise.

In reality, these trips are exactly the same, but it’s your belief and focus that change.  Focus on your dream and how you want it to be.  Learn to develop a vision of things you want that aren’t there yet.  You have to focus on the dream, and it has to be infectious.  When you can’t define it, touch it, see it, feel it, it’s hard to focus on it.

So, go out and seek out your dream. Go see it, touch it, sit in it, taste it, walk through it and experience as much of it as you can. In this way, you can create that vision of the dream you are heading for.


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